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Is it Expensive to be Physically Active?

Here are some inexpensive ways to get active: Carry your groceries Use the stairs rather than the elevator Walk to your destination Play with your children, friends, and other family members Run, walk, or jog in pedestrian friendly areas such as parks and trails

Healthy Kids Community Challenge

Water Does Wonders


Theme 2: Water Does Wonders

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge's second theme is Water Does Wonders, and spans July 2016 - March 2017. The focus is on drinking more water and drinking fewer sugary beverages. Throughout the month of May 2016, community partners presented ideas in alignment with this messaging at CYN Priority Table meetings.

Project ideas were discussed with the Ministry throughout the months of June and July, and our local Action Plan was confirmed in July 2016.

Stay tuned to this page for more information about the projects rolling out in London as part of the Water Does Wonders Action Plan.

If you have any questions about HKCC in London, please submit your questions here.

Check out our Resources page for posters, handouts and fact sheets for the promotion of tap water consumption among children and their families.

For a print-at-home family water tracker, click here


Theme 3: Choose to Boost Veggies & Fruit!

The third theme of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge is "Choose to Boost Veggies & Fruit", where our community will work on increasing vegetable and fruit consumption in children, and encouraging kids and families to make vegetables and fruit a part of every meal and snack.

The Guideline Tool to complete to ensure projects are considered for HKCC Theme 3 eligiblity can be downloaded here. Please submit the completed document by end of day on January 27th, 2017.


HKCC Background Information

Healthy Kids Community Challenge (HKCC) is a province-wide initiative funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) intended to create sustainable improvements for children and youth in three theme areas: healthy eating, healthy physical activity and healthy lifestyle for children and youth. The target age for this Provincial initiative is 12 years and under. 


London is one of 45 municipalities receiving HKCC funding and will use the funds to enhance the impact of London’s Child and Youth Network (CYN), whose goals and aims closely align with the objectives of HKCC.   The funding will be used over the next 3 years to facilitate new, and enhance existing, projects/initiatives of the CYN that meet MOHLTC’s eligibility criteria including addressing Ministry mandated themes which change every nine months.


The first theme (October 2015 - June 2016) was 'Run. Jump. Play. Every Day'. The London community was able to implement 31 health interventions, leveraging 27 existing CYN partners and engaging 19 new partners. Explore our Theme 1 interventions in the Project Directory document.



Community Needs Assessment

Dr. Jason Gilliland and the Human Environments Analysis Laboratory (HEAL) at Western University conducted our Community Needs Assessment (CNA) for the 13+ Priority Neighbourhoods identified as areas of focus for London's HKCC.  These documents are available below.

CNA - London (contains all neighbourhoods)

CNA - Argyle

CNA - Carling

CNA - East London

CNA - Glen Cairn

CNA - Hamilton Road

CNA - Highland

CNA - Huron Heights

CNA - Medway

CNA - Southcrest

CNA - West London

CNA - Westminster

CNA - Westmount

CNA - White Oaks